Tuesday, July 17, 2012

win a voucher

Sign your sweet selves up to my artist fanpage to see what is hot off the jewellers bench. I am trying to get to 150 LIKES. To celebrate 150 LIKES some lucky duck will win a $150 voucher. 150=$150 Yay! All you have to do is search "Georgia Gabrielle Jewellery" on facebook. xx

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Studio Tidy

I finished all of my Bowerbird Bazaar preparation this week so I thought I should attack some cleaning jobs around the house before I go back to Graphic Design school (super excited for second semester brain gym). So I just spent 2 days tidying the studio- whoop whoop! I am getting ready for a super productive and exciting August! I have some more markets up my sleeve and solo exhibition preparation work. Busy times ahead so I need to be fully organised.

I also have lots of yummy flowers around the apartment left over from my birthday last week which makes the place so much cosier. Ahhh... cleanliness bliss. xx

My new cushions! This is the couch where I do my best day dream work (apart from in the shower and in bed that is ;) My best jewellery designing and planning happens here whilst gazing out of the window at the ever-changing seasons.

My Danish horse and goddess sculpture.

My jewellery bench hasn't looked this clean in years (and probably wont for years to come). I have even labelled all of the goodies in the drawers. No more rummaging trying to find things any more.

Look at my new boxes!!! I have sorted all of my things into neat and tidy little boxes. It took 2 days of washing, wiping, organising and filing but I finally did it. I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!

More box heaven

My balcony fish sculptures made by my friend the talented Steve O'Connor

A lovely card from the talented Dana Kinter & a super sweet card from my friend Patrick.

My wee mascots.

Georgia at Andable

I am so excited that Andable has now launched! It is such a BRILLIANT way to shop, that I hope it takes the whole world by storm. Basically it is kind of like a socially conscious version of Etsy. Every time someone buys something, Andable hold on to 10% and invest it in micro loans for the 3rd world. In three months time they return the money to the artist- ABSOLUTELY GENIUS!!

I am so happy to participate in such a good cause. I hope all of my sales go through that avenue because I love the idea of helping others in need. Hooray for such a wonderful company!

My jewellery is hand made using recycled precious metals. My business supports other local business and we use eco-friendly printing for packaging/ stationary/ displays. I have a D.I.Y approach to help minimise our footprint on the planet. I use ethical business practices whenever and wherever possible. I care about the planet and the people and creatures on it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Uplift + Adorn- solo show at Urban Cow Sept 2012

Just preparing for my solo show coming up in September. I have to be super organised in order to be on time for all of the deadlines in my artistic life. Every thing in this show will be made from clay and porcelain.... wee... wonderful creative times!!!

"Uplift + Adorn" Mini Cabinet Exhibition at Urban Cow Studio Opening on the 1st of September 2012

Excitingly colourful clay and silver jewellery + objects by Georgia Gabrielle

"With a belief that we should surround ourselves with charming handmade things, I spend my days creating treasures that evoke uplifting feelings and inspiring messages. These beautiful hand-made jewels are designed with fanciful fireworks of colour and inspirational butterfly motifs to bring a smile to you every day."

Sunday, July 08, 2012

EXCITING!! New earring designs!

Here is a sneak preview of my new range that I will be showing at Bowerbird on the 20th of July. Each piece is designed to bring special energies into your life when you wear them. My friends and family absolutely love them, so I cant wait to see how the Bowerbird people like them. They can be found on my bigcartel shop in the mean time. xx