Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thumbing through Chinese Mythology

So departure date is looming... 2-and-a-bit weeks! Excitement is making me 'ping' out of bed in the mornings. A strange phenominum indeed!

Beyond the stress of leaving Australia for 4 months & agonising over what I will need to buy & pack, I also have lots of paperwork to get through, some clients orders to make, lots of shifts at work, tax, voting, house cleaning, some dinners & a concert in Melbourne to get to. I have at least 200 un-replied to emails that have snowballed into a psychologically traumatising mind bomb. This is why my poor blog has taken a back seat too. No time! No time! Too much to do! Er!

In the few quiet moments I have, I have aspired to read as much as I can about China & in particular I have found myself thumbing through a dusty Chinese mythology from my bookshelf. Turns out that I actually own this book & have done for about 20 years... what a strange kid I was.

My favourite story so far is the Chinese creation story that explains that a giant magical turtle had it's 4 legs chopped off by the god of creation (who was tired of holding up the heaven from the earth) & it is they that hold up the 4 corners of the earth. I imagine that it was a bit bigger than this turtle.. however basically doing the same job. Just imagine the match box is the earth.