Thursday, April 22, 2010

Checklist of creative jobs

Busy busy times! 
1. I just finished applying for a residency to China today- TICK! I have been working on it like crazy for the last 2 weeks. If I get it, Ill be off living in a little village in China for 2 months making ceramics. I did ceramics as a minor so it wouldn't be too much a of a shock to the creative system. Going to China would be a complete cultural immersion in a fully equipped workshop under the guidance of a Japanese porcelain master *shudder with excitement*. I have dreamed about doing a residency like this for so long that it is almost real in my head. I really want to go!! Wish me luck! I find out in 8 days if I get it.
2. Back log of client designs completed, now to email sketches and quotes to those very special people (you know who you are)- TICK!
3. Finalise jewellery designs for 'Frauleins Orchard' (opens in June). The ideas are still percolating around in the whirlwind of a creative storm in my head- HALF A TICK!
4. WILD THINGS exhibition. Facebook orchestration of the cleverest animally creatives in Adelaide- TICK X 1000! I had an awesome response from people wanting to illustrate or sculpt their totem animals... never had so many emails in one week in my life! 
I have chosen the goldfish as my totem animal. I love them because they are transparent, graceful and dreamy. They lay lots of eggs of potential baby fish too (symbolising creativity). They live in water (symbolising emotion) amongst sea creatures and water plants. I love the little glimmers of iridescence in their scales. They remind me of my favourite gemstone, the MOONSTONE.


5. Going to some special friends parties and Shayla's fashion parade in Circular Quay in Sydney next week- Can I fit it in? :( :( :( - UNTICKED but still a possibility.
Happy day to all!

Frauleins Orchard

Featuring // 
Clockwise from top left: Georgia Gabrielle Jewellery, Naomi MurrellJewellery/Illustration, Elisa Mazzone Illustration, Katrina WeberJewellery/Textiles, Anna Creasy Illustration, Ruby Chew Mixed Media, Peta Alannah Chigwidden Painting, Joelie Croser Illustration.

Opening night // 
Wednesday June 2nd, 6pm
Urban Cow Gallery, 11 Frome Street, Adelaide
Exhibition runs until June 28th 

The Show //
A concept born from nuturing talented young female creatives in Adelaide, Urban Cow Studio presents a harvest of works from these eight nature-loving artists and designers. Working in the heirloom varieties of painting, illustration and jewellery, this collective continues to nurture one another’s ideas, cultivating a creativity that promises to blossom into a rare display of colour and beauty. The artistic fruits of the Fräuleins are ripe for the picking!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oriental Pendants

To pearl or not to pearl.

It's a lovely Sunday Autumn afternoon in Adelaide and it's my day off. The weather is mild and some rosella parrots are twittering in my tree outside.

Today I must sort through this parcel of pearls that has arrived from the Great Barrier Reef. I need to decide which of these stunning natural pearls I want to use for an upcoming exhibition in June. I have some grey Tahitian pearls, some Indonesian golden keshi pearls and some champagne pearls from Broome. The more I look at them, the more I realise they are an exhibition in themselves. Pearls evoke memories of sailing trips, the sea and playing on the beach not orchards!

I shall stare at them for a little longer, then I think I may have to go back to the drawing board conceptually. I must decide today on what jewels to accompany my illustrations of birds in the show.