Sunday, April 15, 2012

Studs for all seasons

I love making studs. They are cute, small and light. These silhouettes are modern and chic and can be worn with anything. Studs are so comfortable to wear and they dont stretch your piercings. I love to wear studs during the day and then I go for big spectacular, dangly, sparkly earrings at night to dinners or special occasions. 

I have always had a special love for designing earrings because when I studied jewellery making, I did research on the psychological effects of jewellery. I learnt that earrings are the items that catch peoples attention the most and draw their gaze to your face/ eyes.

I have a rule of thumb with myself and that is that I MUST change my earrings (at least my earrings sometimes my rings and bangles) every day. So in the 7 days of the week you will see me in 7 different pairs of earrings. You will be amazed how much people notice and comment if you change your earrings. Give it a whirl for a week to see what I mean!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

ABC TV interview

Late last year the 4 of us were interviewed on ABC TV about our arts practice for the Arts Program. It was a really exciting day for the 4 of us. Being behind the camera is not a normal day! Our slot went for 10 mins and we had to tell the world how and why we make our art. We were all so nervous but excited and honoured at the same time. It was a great day with Katrina Weber (jewellery), Naomi Murrell (illustration) and Anna Creasy (illustration). Looking forward to doing more projects with these ladies one day!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Alibaba's Women's Ambassadorship

What an exhilarating night! The final votes for the Alibaba's Women's Ambassador competition closed and I did exceptionally well! THANK YOU EVERYONE from the bottom of my heart!! What a hoot!! I am really happy!! It is a sign that all of my friends, family and customers have good faith in my business skills and entrepreneurship, which is a huge compliment. I hope the Alibaba Women's Ambassador judges can see the potential in my business plan outline, like those whom know me best do.
Now this week is the judging process and I am certainly in good stead. I really hope I win because this opportunity is exactly what my design business needs- a leg up from Alibaba to propel it to its true capacity. 
If I win I cant wait to go to Hong Kong and meet the Alibaba team. I stayed in China last year (but didn't get the Hong Kong) for 5 months and I cant wait to be there again. I love the country, I love the people, I love the food, I love the potential! 
I am really looking forward to the expert sourcing training. IT WILL BE A DREAM COME TRUE. I am so eager to learn about and sourcing in China and to meet suppliers.  I currently deal with suppliers and manufacturers in Australia, China and Indonesia, whom I found and liaised with myself. It would be so amazing to have Alibaba's expert help to connect me with new and varied businesses. I might even get to talk a little Mandarin with some suppliers which will be fun.
Once aquatinted with new suppliers and makers I will be able to quickly apply my existing manufacturing management skills. I can start placing orders as I have designs for product and packaging ready to go. I would love to have my new stock in shops and online ready for Christmas 2012.
I am hoping Alibaba will be able to help me manifest my dream to own my own jewellery house. I want to source wonderful gemstones, pearls, precious metals, crystal, beads etc suppliers. I hope Alibaba can help me source suppliers of things that I didnt even know I was looking for! I would also love to source some high end jewellery manufacturers and gemstone setters. I have some dealings in Australia but I am optimistic about dealing with China and Asia as I know it is where I want to be. Once business connections are made, all of my jewellery designing skills will come to fruition as I will be able to design fashion ranges like Cartier or Van Cleef and Arpels. 
I have also designed wedding and engagement ring collections which I will get manufactured as soon as I can. Designing contemporary rings and bridesmaids jewellery has been my speciality over the last few years as I worked with many brides and grooms whilst working in a high end jewellery shop.
In China I will also explore manufacturing women's and mens fashion, resort wear, pyjamas, lingerie, swim suits, shoe, bags and home-wear ranges. I am a designer and craftsperson I can apply these design skills to any material and anything. I studied fashion design and costume manufacture in Sydney before I studied jewellery making, and worked for Collette Dinnigan in my early 20's. Another dream of mine is have a whole brand like Muji of my own product designs. With this opportunity it may just happen!
Once ranges are made I will focus on my favourite part which is marketing and promotion.
I am looking forward to the online retailer and Ebay conferences. My new years resolution was to do exactly this- embrace online business with gusto. Just as I pulled my site and webshop down and started redesigning everything, this opportunity came up. It is a sign, it is meant to be!! I would love to learn these things in the next couple of months and then feed them back into my business and the community.
Once I gain all of this knowledge I will be able to share the connections and knowledge with my huge networks of fellow designers and makers in Australia and overseas. I cant wait to be Alibaba's Ambassador and help inspire and connect other people to make their dreams come true.
Thank you soooo much to everyone whom voted for me. I wont forget those of you whom took the two minutes out to vote for me, and I cant wait to help you all in the future with my new knowhow if I win. xx

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Soul Flowers

I made these flower pendants to remind the wearer to be open, embrace life, embrace new things, keep growing, keep learning, keep doing good things to help those around you- being open and honest is the only way to live life!

Sunday, April 08, 2012


Laying on a picnic rug in the parklands soaking up the sun, smelling the pine trees, watching the clouds roll across the sky whilst listening to live folk music. This is the life!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Miow mao

My cat Bubba immortalised.

Winter woods collection

Sea Shells..

Exploring hand engraving....

At the jewellers bench

It is a messy place but I know where everything is! My favourite thing in the world is to have a few days off in a row and to just settle down into the studio, play some really cool music, with the cat on the chair behind my lower back and we (the cat and I) work through the night making art. Best days of my life when I have these creative spells.

Gold fish brooch and new stud designs

This goldfish (koi) brooch is coming out of the jewellery drawer and on to my sideboard, ready for some winter coat adorning! I recently made little fish studs too... oh here they are....seems fish are a reoccurring theme in work.

These gold fish studs are actually gold- 18k gold. I will be taking better photos of the new range this week (which this fish is part of) now that graphic design school has finished for the term. I plan to have a nice relaxing Easter weekend and then next week back into it! Planning photos for Wednesday and I will need a full day taking pics as there are 15 new earring styles in gold and silver and oxidised. Will need lots of coffee that day for stamina.

I cant decide if I like the black background better or the natural wood? What do you think?

Oodles of flowers

As you can see I love flowers. I love everything about flowers- the way they smell, their jewel like colours, their loaded symbolism, their intricate science. I love their delicate stamens and I love the little bugs that they attract. I just cant believe that they are completely natural and that they grow and live everywhere. The thing that I like most about flowers is the way they bloom and become ever more spectacular. I too try my best to keep growing and becoming better and better. Now you know my little secret as to why I just cant help but make flowers non stop! 

The stamp of Georgiadom

As a Graphic Design school assignment I had to design a stamp based on an old stamp, and meld it with an image of my own face. As I am still learning how to use Illustrator and Photoshop comfortably I resorted to the old way of paper, pen and scissors! I traced a photo of myself and hammed it up as best I could. Then I collaged the imagery with an old English stamp. 

As you can see the results are... cough cough... a bit average, and somehow I have ended up looking like a fat buddha face. I must admit that I did learn a lot of skills during the project and if I had to do it again now, I would do it much better.

Easter Album

I have just been rummaging through the hundreds of images of my work on my computer and I have compiled this little group of easter themed brooches to make people smile. For some reason I think bunnies and ducks look MUCH cuter wearing a scarf. Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Jewellery to uplift, energise & inspire

I am a contemporary jewellery artist living in Adelaide, Australia. I make art from the heart with the aim to bring more joy and beauty into the world with my delicate and precious adornments. I design my jewellery with the motivation to uplift, energise and inspire my wearers.
I am trained as a silversmith and I make artistic jewellery from sterling silver and 18k gold. I have won a few awards for my work over the last 7 years for my creativity which has been a huge compliment and has inspired me to make my business bigger than its current status. I dream to progress my business to a new higher level where I incorporate precious stones into my jewelry in wonderful and whimsical ways and to build a jewellery house like those of yesteryear like Cartier and Van Cleef and Arpels.
Each of my designs has a unique meaning behind it and an uplifting message for the wearer. I am in the process of developing the graphic design to accompany my designs to communicate this.
I have always had a very strong affinity with Asia and I recently designed a range of earrings and pendants that is based on the Chinese zodiac animals. I would love the opportunity to explore selling my work in Asia too.
I have always dreamed of going to Asia and tapping into the wonderful world of gemstones and pearls. Hong Kong has the biggest and best jewelry fair in the world, not to mention the best fashion houses, and I have always dreamed of going there and sourcing suppliers and manufactures for my business. I am also interested in sourcing specialised packaging, printed material, personalised displays and unique business add ons.
I feel that my destiny lies in liaising between China and Australia, so much so that I am in my second year of learning Mandarin. I would love a chance to practice speaking!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Lotus Collection

I made these lotus flowers by layering petals upon petals and soldering them together. The more layers I built the more I got excited by the challenge of making sure the piece held together when I reheated it.

I love to wear botanical themed jewellery as it echos the past era of the art nouveau movement (one of my favourite art movements. Flowers, branches, twigs and insects are so feminine and elegant and classic when stylised and made well.

Sleeping Beauty butterfly rings

These hand etched silver butterfly rings were made thinking about Disney's Sleeping Beauty. I designed them so that when they are worn they look like a butterfly sitting on the top of your hand about to fly away (an image from Sleeping Beauty where she is holding a butterfly on her hand and singing). It is an image fixed in my mind from being a youngster and enjoyed the imagery of Disney films (I love Bambi too). I kept one of these rings for myself and wear it almost every day and almost everyday I get a compliment on it.

Fantastic Mr Fox

This adventurous foxy has always been one of my most popular designs! This sweet lil fox evokes thoughts of trotting through the undergrowth of forests. I love making forest animals as it reminds me of living a free and natural life. He also reminds me to be adventurous.

Peace Dove Brooch

This little dove brooch was designed and made whilst thinking about peace doves and the symbolism that they hold. There is so much joy that comes from living in a peaceful home/ town/ country . You only know how precious a peaceful life is when you dont have one. We are so blessed to live in a war zone-free place like Australia and this brooch is a reminder of that. I made it back in 2008.