Saturday, October 05, 2013

Photographic Exhibition Branding Suite 2014 TAFE students

Here is some branding that I designed for the graduation exhibition of photographic students whom will be graduating in early 2014. These things have to be organised early!
They wanted a logo that wasn't cliche' but still related to the title 'Raw Point of View', so I designed an eye with a depth focus icon (seen inside a camera). Shazzam! Double meaning of raw icon and focus!
The little instagram style photos around the logo are little happy snapshots that would be taken by ALL of the students exhibiting. That way everybody's work is included in the branding imagery and will be a nice memento for students and their families to keep. These photos give a mixed/collage vibe to show that the exhibition will be a 'mixed collection' of students photographic work. 
Included here is the logo in its colour variations, A2 poster and DL invite. A booklet and banner was also designed to complete the suite.

Colour variations of logo.

DL sized invitation.

A2 poster.

Printing Industry Craftsmanship Awards (PICA) 2014- booklet, postcard, invite, poster design

It has been an insanely busy term (yet again!) Here are some of the key pages from a booklet I made last week for the Printing Industry Craftsmanship Awards (PICA) of South Australia. 
I hand cut all of the linos (a traditional form of printing) and used an aquatic theme to tell the tale. The colour scheme was based on semaphore flags.
I had the best time hand cutting all of the artworks!

The siren calls people to enter (the competition)

PICA is looking for the treasures in the printing industry

The rewards are lucrative if you get them!

A whale was a great mascot for being a powerhouse of the printing industry.

The squid battle (squids have INK right?) Who will get to wear the king of inks crown this year?

The whale in context of a postcard