Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Party Streamer Alphabet

I made a whole alphabet out of party streamers the other day for Graphic Design School. I made my alphabet out of a material that represents how I feel (most of the time).

It was so fun and interesting to see what different materials the whole class made their alphabet out of.  I am really enjoying my new studies.

Camera Hog

I have been trying to get some quick snaps of my handmade goodies for Bowerbird Bazaar (this weekend friends!) and my kitty cat keeps jumping in front of the camera! What a little camera hog. So naughty! I think he loves to be in the limelight, unlike his mother.
He does the same thing when guests come over, he jumps on their laps and purrs in their faces to distract the conversation. He also loves to walk across my computer keyboard when I am trying to do check my emails, and he sits on my books when I am trying to study Chinese.  Funny Bubba, he makes me laugh so much.....
So now to try to work out how best to pack these flower treasures... they are made of porcelain and painted with underglaze. These samples were made with the plan to develop them into some jewellery, however they are so beautiful just the way they are that I think I will just sell them as object'du arts.
I don’t really want to part with these as they have been on the window ledge of my studio for a year now, inspiring my jewellery creations, however I wont have any room in my studio to make new things if I don’t let go of the old things. Oh the internal tug-o-war being a hoarder.
See you at Bowerbird!

Bowerbird this weekend

Exciting times! Bowerbird Bazaar is finally here.

I am packing and wrapping like crazy. This Bowerbird we will have our fabulous polka dot and striped ceramics once again. The totem animals will be there in full magical force too. I have a little surprise for you all, a new range of studs to show you too. Ill post some pics tomorrow when the sun comes up!

Bowerbird is going to be amazing- showcasing 100 of Australia's most cutting edge craftspeople, designers and makers. I cant wait to eat at some of the fabulous food stalls. Most of all I cant wait to see all of the art and craft community- old friends and new. There are always lots of hugs at Bowerbird.

I have my dearest Mum on board to help me and a couple of darling girlfriends to help serve my happy customers. I am really excited to see how the new venue will influence the vibe.

See you there!