Thursday, September 13, 2012

bye phone

Hi friends! 

My phone (sadly, but secretly happily) is still lost, and apart from that nagging feeling that someone could be scrolling through my old text messages and laughing (the gushy romantic ones- how embarrassing!), I had a great day. I am not to fussed about not having a phone. The world is definitely a lot more private and quiet without a menacing little cricket constantly  shrilling at me.

Today was a special day at the Adelaide Convention Centre where I attended the Adobe CS6 Roadshow. Attending the seminar gave me the low down and helped my understanding of graphic design as it gave me a big picture overview of the creative suite, as well as showing me some tips and tricks to save me time. I learnt so about so many new features in Indesign, Illustrator, Premiere, designing for smart phones, web and tablets and the free coffee and biscuits were good too. WOW!? Am I turning in to a nerd??

I caught up with a few old friends by chance at the convention too which always makes a day more interesting. It is great to hear how peoples lives are progressing and how they are expanding and becoming ever more brilliant in the fields of expertise.

I finished off the day by visiting a comic book shop in the city with a friend to check out the local art and then I wandered home for some lasagne and late night work. I am preparing some paperwork for a project that is in the pipeline for 2013. Part of that project was to put together a Powerpoint of my past work. I thought I might share the pics with you as the ceramics are very colourful and suit this spring weather wonderfully. I am looking forward to 2013, because I think it is going to be very creative. 

Enjoy the new blue skies,