Friday, September 23, 2011

Organisaton with a capital O.

The last few weeks I have been concentrating on getting organised! It could be the spring cleaning thing kicking in as the weather in Adelaide has become very spring-ish, or it could be the list of exciting events coming up that have switched me into mega-organisation mode. In the span of one week I went from being a lady of leisure to being super busy! I got my plans to San Francisco confirmed for early October, then confirmation that I got in to Bowerbird Bazaar in late October, then I have a solo exhibition for my ceramic artworks at Urban Cow in November and a solo jewellery show for January. Plus Christmas madness somewhere in the middle of that too. Oh dear.....

As my dear ole grandmama says "no rest for the wicked.." So I must have been very bad in a past life!

I recently bought a book on getting organised from Kikki K to help me with my spring cleaning itch. Here is a picture of my newly super organised book shelf to improve paper flow in my design studio! Many many, many design journals along the bottom, drawing tools in the middle and filing on the top. 

My toy basket on the top shelf has a collection of softies from around the world that I have collected on my travels. These little guys keep me company whilst in the thick of paperwork. They are also a quick fix for when my girlfriends with babies come to visit. Down comes the basket and across the floor (and in mouths) goes the toys.

This is my newly overhauled desk and cyber station known as my "think station". I have my inspiration board on the left for my new jewellery collection coming out in a month or so, and a pin up board of reminders on the right including my goals and inspirational quotes. The book says that I must keep my desk super clean. 

This is my new business card designed by the charming Jannah Poole. I designed it with her with colourful sparkling gemstones in mind. I cant wait to make jewellery with gemstones in it.

This here post-it note stack brings me infinite joy because of the colours and the swirling. Desk tools are very important for happy working. Good desk feng shui I believe.

This is my porcelain cup that was hand made by an artist in Jingdezhen in China. It has now become my pen cup.

This week I am baby sitting my grandmother's dogs whilst she is on holidays visiting my cousin Chloe in Sydney. This little rug rat is called "Lovie".

This rug rat is called "Bubbie". They are about the same size as cats and they have teeth that go everywhere which makes them very funny to look at. They are great company whilst I am working, and our walks in the parklands are great breaks to clear our heads and get some fresh air.

This is my collection of rainbow glass hearts that I bought at Urban Cow Studio. They sit on my studio window ledge and the sunlight comes through them. The colours invigorate me every time that I look at them. My friend Shelley reminds me to keep plenty of hearts in my space as it invites more love :)

OK so back to more organising...