Thursday, May 16, 2013

My new design collaboration with Zach Cassidy

My friend Zach and I have started our own little business specialising in logo, identity and branding design for artists, craftspeople and lovely folk. This is us> Go us!
A collaborative design duo aiming to create wonderful graphic design and advertising for the people of Adelaide and beyond. No matter how big or small the job or budget, message us and say hello. We are here to help you.
Do you need a logo? A cool business card? Business branding? A band poster? Catalogue? Product packaging? Or a party/ wedding invitation? We can do anything in any style you want! Message us and ask us more about pricing and where to start the process of designing for you.
One with a mind for modernism, digital graphics and Swiss typography, the other with a mind for vintage graphics, photography and illustration. Between us we have traditional and modern design covered and ideas to improve whatever you want to do. Yes two design heads are better than one.

Hello Renegades!

I am looking forward to this in July! I can't wait to meet some folk and check out the indie designers and makers in LA and San Francisco. If these old posters are anything to go by then I am going to be mighty impressed with the American craft scene.