Wednesday, March 20, 2013

charlie harper in autumn

brrrrr.. the autumn is here.... great

the weather just did a 360 turn on us poor adelaide folk this week. it changed from being a scotchingly painful and suffocating 40 degrees, where I was running between one air conditioned point to another, to being 18 degrees, and well brrrrr. the woolies came out of storage and into my wardrobe because I know what is coming.... brrrr....

how exciting that autumn is here!

the trees outside must be excited too. because they are waving enthusiastically at this change of seasonal tempo. the wind is whipping them around in a frenzy. my wind chimes are tinkling up a bizarre orchestra of out of tune (and rhythm) sounds. people in the city streets outside of my apartment window are hanging on to their clothes to stop them from blowing away (or up...ha ha). grey blankety clouds are hanging low over the city sky, warning us that at any moment there could be some rain. but we know better, we are in adelaide. it doesn't rain here. we are the desert state of australia on the desert continent of our planet.

anyhoo.... it is all a grand and dramatic setting to pour over my new books I bought on amazon. introducing charlie harper....illustrator extraordinaire. this amazing icon of the graphic design world just excites my little design receptors to the core. I get comic dazzles in my eyes when I look through his work. wowsers. his stylisation, his colour-ways, his subject choice.... totally amazing. after david attenborough, charlie harper might be my second best leading gentleman.

once I finish pouring over the pages and making sounds of glee to myself I think I might put on some smooth jazz, open a bottle of red wine, cook some dinner and write my fella a love letter... I mean I could talk to him on skype, but this weather suits an old fashioned love letter. what a beautiful autumny day and I feel great to be alive.

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